Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Return of the Classical Vampyre

Welcome to the House of Basarab, Home of the Classical Vampyre.

Here Vampyres still sleep in coffins, LIKE to drink the blood of Humans and command terrifying powers of Darkness. Beautiful maidens swoon under our presence as we stalk them in the dead of night in our horse-drawn Black Coaches, and strong men fall weak at the knees at the predatory stare of the encroaching Vampyre Brides.

Here I, Count Basarab of Wallachia, will review from my Tower Library - movies, music and books of a Vampyric and Dark nature that I deem worthy to pass into my World of Darkness.

I will also, if I may, discuss the Lore of Vampyrism and the Black Arts at length when the mood suits me.

So light the candelabras in your crypt and get ready to greet the true Creatures of the Night....

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  1. Hello, linked across - replaced Convent of Blood with the link (if Convent is still running then let me know and I'll relink)


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